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Building Your Retirement Strategy

Building Your Organization’s Retirement Plan Strategy


  • 403(b) – why this is a great fit
  • Optimizing your plan of choice
    • The 4 R’s:
      • Recruit
      • Retain
      • Reward
      • Retire
    • Why employers should care
    • What is Success and how is it measured?
    • The Roadmap
Health Care: De-complexing the Complex

Health Care: De-Complexing the Complex


  • The state of health care costs:

– 2010 – 2023 an historic perspective

– Health care costs in Washington

– Financial pressure from prescriptions

  • Marketplace Choices:

– The choices employers have

– Federally sponsored reimbursement strategies

  • Organizational Fit: Which one is right for your organization:

– Details and differences of each strategy

– Accounting and reporting requirements

– Questions to ask about your organization

Parsonage/Rectory - Church and Clergy Tax Issues

Owning or Living in a Parsonage/Rectory


  • Washington State Property Tax:

– Requirements for exemption of the residence

– What happens when the residence is no longer used for clergy or caretakers

– How to establish, maintain, or reestablish tax exemption that has been lost

  • IRS Reporting & Requirements for the Organization

– When the residence is no longer used for clergy or caretakers

– How to compute and report value of th residence to employees

– Taxation of rental income generated from staff members

  • IRS Reporting & Requirements for Clergy, Caretakers, and Other Staff

– Determining value

– Form W-2 reporting

– Coordination with housing allowance paid to clergy

2023 Charitable Contribution Receipting

2023 Receipting Charitable Contributions


  • What is required when receipting donors for various contributions?
  • When are contributions deductible?
  • How are contributions from IRAs, stocks, vehicle, or other noncash contributions receipted differently?
  • How are out-of-pocket expenses for unreimbursed travel receipted?
  • When are restricted donations deductible and non-deductible as a charitable contribution?
  • What are special requirements for deducting benevolence, scholarship, and missionary gifts?
IRS and Washington State 2023 Year-End Reporting for Ministries & Nonprofits

IRS and WA State 2023 Year-End Reporting for Ministries and Nonprofits


  • IRS Reporting
    • When and what to file on Forms 1099-NEC and 1099-MISC
    • 2023 Form W-2 changes since last year
    • Common types of income required to be reported on Form 990-T
    • Form I-9 when hiring new employees

    Preparing for 2024 (IRS Requirements)

    • Designating housing allowances
    • Contributions or payments to foreign persons or organizations
    • Employee help adjusting tax withholding with Form W-4

    WA State Reporting

    • Reporting Sales, Use and B&O taxes
    • When uncashed checks are required to be reported
    • What can be done to maintain a property tax exemption

Employee Compensation for Churches and Ministries


  • Wages
    • Housing allowance for ministers
    • Benefits – what is taxable?
  • Payments received by employees from others:
    • Honorariums
    • Fees received for weddings, funerals
    • Gifts
  • Fringe benefits
  • Allowances
  • Reimbursements
Staff Payroll

Payroll Taxes for Churches and Ministries


  • Unique church and ministry tax considerations for employers and employees
  • Federal taxes
    • Form 941
    • FICA (Social Security and Medicare taxes)
    • Minister’s coverage under Social Security and Medicare
  • WA State
    • Labor & Industries (L&I)
    • Paid Family Medical Leave (PFML)
    • WA Cares Fund

Part 3 – Employee Compensation Rules for Churches and Ministries


  • Ministerial Exception, continued:
    • the spiritual role of an employee and their job duties
    • Roles allowed under the ministerial exception
  • Stipends and Internships
  • Paying volunteers
  • Key components of employee handbooks:
    • Compliance with Federal and State laws
    • Dispute resolution
  • Severance agreements

Part 2 – Employee Compensation Rules for Churches and Ministries


  • Washington Minimum Wage Act, continued:
    • Non-exempt workers
    • Paying minors
    • Penalties for failure to pay overtime
    • Paid time outside of the workplace
  • Ministerial Exception:
    • The two components: tax purposes and first amendment rights
    • Difference between wage laws and employment laws
    • What religious duties qualify
    • Case example: Woods vs. Gospel Mission
    • Importance of clearly defined standardized practices

Part 1 – Employee Compensation Rules for Churches and Ministries



    • Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA)
      • Non-exempt vs. exempt employees
      • Top 3 exempt employee roles
      • How churches relate to FLSA
    • Washington Minimum Wage Act (WMWA)
      • Salary thresholds in WA state
      • How overtime is treated

    The Current Economy and Its Impact on Nonprofits


    • What changes have been happening in the economy that are affecting nonprofit organizations?
    • What potential impact this might have on donors.
    • How nonprofits can respond to the current environment.
    • Some practical steps nonprofits can make to be better positioned.
    • What financially healthy nonprofits might look like.
    • What are the implications of rising interest rates?
    • Indicators of a struggling ministry and how to mitigate this.

    Auditing Your Own Ministry


    • What red flags might indicate financial problems?
    • What elements should we include in financial reports?
    • What are senior leaders’ responsibilities and liabilities?
    • How can we implement and monitor cash receipts and disbursement controls?
    • How can we monitor the accuracy of financial reports?
    • What qualifications should we look for in those performing the self-audit?

    WA State Sales and B&O Taxes for Nonprofits


    • Camp and retreat registration fees
    • Class & activity registrations
    • Wedding and other facility fees    
    • Bookstore and website sales
    • Tuition fees – schools and daycare
    • Out of state online purchases and sales
    • Cell tower rental fees
    • Rental of parking spaces

    Pastor Income Taxes


    • Structuring a minister’s compensation plan to minimize taxes
    • Differences between minister and lay person taxes
    • Housing & auto allowance
    • FICA vs self employment taxes
    • 403(b) retirement contributions
    • Opting out of Social Security

    Sending Funds to Foreign Causes & Compensating Foreigners


    • What charities should know when sending money overseas to:
      • A USA 501(c)(3) organization doing missions or relief work
      • A foreign organization
      • An individual who is a nonresident alien
      • A missionary who is a US citizen
      • A nonresident alien who comes to the USA to do the work

    Benevolence and Outreach – Learn How to Give With Compassion While Being Compliant


    • What is benevolence and outreach as defined by the IRS
    • Distinguishing between benevolence and outreach
    • The requirements for charitable organization and individual donors
    • Five common benevolence fund mistakes
    • Benevolence and outreach best practices
    • Tax reporting for recipients

    Budgeting and Managing Cash Reserves


    • Learn to move from a static budget to a dynamic one that includes cash flow projections and planning.
    • Discover “missional” budgeting – a way to measure if your organization is accomplishing its mission.
    • Learn how to manage financial resources to meet your obligations and accomplish your mission.
    • Examine the four areas of liquidity and how they can work together for optimum financial health.

    Housing Allowance Tax Benefit for Ministers


    • Who is eligible?
    • Who can designate a minister housing allowance?
    • When to set parsonage and housing allowances.
    • How to set parsonage and housing allowances.
    • Which housing expenses qualify?
    • Tax implications of housing allowance.

    Renting Property (Part 1) – WA State B&O and IRS Tax Issues for Nonprofits


    • When does rental income becomes taxable?
    • Rental income reporting requirements.
    • What Washington State and IRS rental income tax exemptions can be obtained for nonprofit organizations?
    • Rules for rental of parking spaces and cell towers.

    Renting Property (Part 2) – WA State B&O and IRS Tax Issues for Nonprofits


    • Discussion of rental of houses, commercial space, rooms in facility, parking spaces, and cell towers.

    • ·Easy to use “yes/no” decision trees for determining:

      • When rental income becomes taxable

      • When rental income tax exemptions are available for nonprofit organizations for Washington State and the IRS

    WA State Exempt Property Tax Issues


    • How your organization can qualify for and maintain a property tax exemption.
    • Which types of activities are allowed under a property tax exemption?
    • Recent changes to Washington limitations and requirements.
    • We’ll also discuss several examples of whether a property tax exemption can be maintained.
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