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Renting Property – WA State B&O and IRS Tax Issues for Nonprofits


  • When does rental income becomes taxable?
  • Rental income reporting requirements.
  • What Washington State and IRS rental income tax exemptions can be obtained for nonprofit organizations?
  • Rules for rental of parking spaces and cell towers.

WA State Exempt Property Tax Issues


  • How your organization can qualify for and maintain a property tax exemption.
  • Which types of activities are allowed under a property tax exemption?
  • Recent changes to Washington limitations and requirements.
  • We’ll also discuss several examples of whether a property tax exemption can be maintained.

2020 Year End Update – Compensation Reporting


  • What COVID-19 reporting is required?
  • Should I issue a 1099 or a W-2?
  • What items should be included in an employee’s W-2?
  • What is the correct way to complete a W-2 for a pastor?



2020 Year End Update – Charitable Contribution Receipting


  • What is required when receipting donors for various contributions?
  • When are designated contributions not deductible?
  • How are IRA contributions reported differently?
  • How are out-of-pocket expenses for unreimbursed travel receipted?

2020 Year End Update – IRS & WA State Reporting


  • What are the changes in Form 1099-MISC reporting?
  • What unrelated business income is required to be reported on Form 990-T? 
  • What is required to be reported to the Department of Revenue?
  • What can be done to maintain a property tax exemption?

WA State Sales and Use Taxes


  • What is use tax?
  • Which types of purchases require payment of use tax?
  • Do churches and non profits have to pay use tax?


Housing Allowance Tax Benefit for Ministers


  • What is housing allowance?
  • Housing allowance designation.
  • Which housing costs can be included in housing allowance?
  • Tax implications of housing allowance.
  • See a sample computation to better understand how to calculate housing allowance.

Pastor Taxation


  • How are pastor taxes different than lay employees?
  • What tax elections are available for pastors?
  • Review a sample pastor pay check.

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